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Clifford Brings Attention to Ribbon Tree Project

ImageThe Kempe Foundation and Rocky Mountain PBS came together in April to help promote Child Abuse Prevention Month. In addition to running Kempe’s PSA in English and Spanish statewide, PBS also sent Clifford the Big Red Dog to Skyline Park to bring attention to our ribbon tree project.
The Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect kicked off April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month with a visual display of 12,000 blue ribbons in a large tree in downtown Denver’s Skyline Park. Each ribbon tail in the installation represented a confirmed case of child abuse and neglect in Colorado in 2011.


Passers-by on the 16th Street Mall enjoyed seeing the familiar PBS character and many wanted to take a photo with him–including an entire quinceanera party!

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Kempe Recognizes Child Abuse Prevention Month in April

ImageThe Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect will recognize national Child Abuse Prevention Month in April 2012 with an awareness campaign and events.

The Child Abuse Prevention Month awareness campaign promotes the role that everyone can play in keeping Colorado’s children safe. Activities and promotions include:

  • Public service awareness campaign throughout April 2012 including billboards, television, radio, magazine and newspaper features. Tune in for our superheroes spots on 9News, KOSI 101.1 and Rocky Mountain PBS.
  •  Giant blue ribbons placed on buildings throughout the Denver Metro Area, including Denver City and County Building, U.S. Bank Tower downtown, Pepsi Center, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Gary Pavilion and Skyline Park downtown.
  •  In conjunction with Children’s Hospital Colorado, lighting of the ribbon tree in Skyline Park in downtown Denver at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, March 31.
  •  Kempe Takes Hong Kong Gala at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 21 at the Denver Marriott City Center


For more information on Kempe activities during Child Abuse Prevention Month, visit 


About the Blue Ribbon Campaign

In 1989, the Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse started as a Virginia grandmother’s tribute to her grandson, who died as a result of abuse.

She tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her car as a way to remember him and to alert her community to the tragedy of child abuse. The Blue Ribbon Campaign has since expanded across the country.

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Ribbon Tree Project


The Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect will kick off April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month with a visual display of 12,000 blue ribbons in a large tree in downtown Denver’s Skyline Park.Image

Leaders from Kempe and Children’s Hospital Colorado will light the installation after a 7:30 p.m. ceremony on Saturday, March 31 in the south block of Skyline Park. Each ribbon tail in the installation will represent a confirmed case of child abuse and neglect in Colorado in 2011. Image

“Too often, abused and neglected children are hidden from view,” said Patricia L. Peterson, President and CEO of the Kempe Foundation. “This April, each child who experienced abuse and neglect last year will be represented in this thought-provoking display. As thousands pass the ribbon tree each day, we invite them to learn more about how each of us can-and must- do our part to prevent child abuse in Colorado.”

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Board Member Leads First Kempe Telephone Fundraiser


Patrice Gendelman

Kempe Board Member Patrice Gendelman spearheaded a first-ever Kempe telephone fundraiser Feb. 9 with the help of dozens of volunteer students from Cherry Creek High School’s DECA Club, an association for marketing students. In honor of the Kempe Center’s 40th anniversary, on the 40th day of the year, volunteers sought donations of $40, $400, or other increments of $4. The day started with a bang and only got better. By the end, the students and Patrice raised an amazing $22,473 for abused and neglected children.

On the first shift we met a DECA club volunteer and survivor of child neglect. She credits her emotional health to The Kempe Center, where she received care and treatment as a child.


Students from Cherry Creek High School volunteered during off hours to raise money to support abused and neglected kids.

Throughout the day we met many poised, intelligent and gracious students. Kempe Foundation CEO and President Pat Peterson remarked that the crop of outstanding young people gives us great hope for our future. A special thank you to Cherry Creek High School teachers and leaders for hosting us and to Nancy Fitzgerald for videotaping the event to help spread the word. We also couldn’t have done it without the phone lines provided by IP5280 Communications.

We got the word out with the help of Colorado & Company and KOSI 101.1, as well as many supporters who gave out flyers and sent emails to friends and family.

Most importantly, thanks to all of you who called in with donations in honor of the 40th anniversary of The Kempe Center. We’re headed for another 40 years of hope and healing thanks to you.

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Gala Kick-off

Gala Kick-off

Kempe Foundation President and CEO Pat Peterson and Kempe Board Member Kareina Westlund

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Gala Kick-off Raises Support, Excitement for Kempe Mission


Donors Leigh and Michael McMahon

The Kempe Foundation on Feb. 9 brought together a group of generous and long-time supporters for a special evening at Residence XXV downtown to officially kick off our gala season. Kempe Takes Hong Kong is April 21 at the Denver Marriott City Center, hosted by Gala Committee Chairs Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons and Jack Fitzgibbons. The hosts welcomed guests to Thursday’s kick-off party as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres created by Jing Restaurant to the accompaniment of live jazz guitarist Joel Siemion. The scene was set by Kick-off Party Chairs Layne Fleishman, John Farnam and Paul Heitzenrater. The trio even arranged for orchids from Bouquets and bottled water to thank each guest as they picked up their vehicles from the valet at the end of the evening.


Kick-off chairs Paul Heitzenrater, Layne Fleishman and John Farnam

Nicole Ament, Corporate Sponsorship Chair for the Gala Committee, shared her passion for the Kempe mission. Next, Pat Peterson introduced the 2012 Kempe Award honorees, Jon Kruljac and Dr. Andrew Sirotnak, and thanked them for their service and dedication. She also shared the vision that Kempe Center Director Dr. Des Runyan has for the organization, including the development of the Imhoff Imhoff clinic (see page 6). Finally, Steve Harrell, Vice President for Strategy and Corporate Advancement at Kempe, led an exciting round of fundraising from the group. Together, supporters pledged an additional $42,750 in gala corporate sponsorships, table purchases and individual donations.

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Kempe’s ASPIRE Program receives thousands of diapers

Yesterday, the Kempe ASPIRE Program received between 8,000 and 10,000 diapers from the BabiesNow! Foundation.   BabiesNow! received 100,000 diapers from Huggies and distributed them to non-profits throughout the Denver Metro Area including Kempe.
Leah Garbe (second from left) and Bill Betts (far right) and volunteers stand next to the wall of diapers
Thank you to the BabiesNow! Foundation, Huggies and all of the dedicated volunteers who transported and unloaded the diapers.
Kempe’s ASPIRE Program was also recenlty featured in the BabiesNow! Foundation video:
Kempe Center ASPIRE Program

Click here to watch Kempe's ASPIRE Program featured in BabiesNow! Foundation video (available only in Windows Media Player)

Thank you to Jackson National Life employees for donating complete Thanksgiving dinners to families at The Kempe Center.  We appreciate your generosity!  Happy Thanksgiving!

By Desmond K. Runyan, MD, DrPH, Executive Director, The Kempe Center

The recent revelations from Pennsylvania about child sexual victimization by an assistant football coach at Penn State University are very troubling.  By report, a child was alleged to have been victimized within the Penn State football program facilities and other boys are alleged to have been victimized by the same person in other settings.

Make no mistake, sexual abuse is harmful for its victims.  Children who have been sexually abused are harmed by the traumatic sexualization, betrayal of trust, loss of control over their own bodies, and by the social stigma of having been a victim. 

The good news is that most children, with the support of their families, and, as needed, medical and mental health services, go on to lead full normal lives. The children in this case are not alone.  Studies reveal that nearly 25 percent of adult American women and 13 percent of adult American men were sexually victimized by an adult involving physical contact.  However, the majority of these children can recover and become normal, productive adults.

Recent research emphasized that abuse in childhood can have long-term repercussions including even heart disease and cancer.  These adverse effects are real but modifiable.  The strongest predictor of recovery is physical and emotional support by a parent, usually the mother.  Children whose mothers know about the abuse and take steps to help children understand that it wasn’t their fault, that they are believed, and that the family will take steps to make sure that they are protected in the future are the ones who are likely to do well.  Conversely, children made to feel responsible for the abuse or who are seen as “damaged goods” by family members are those who usually do poorly in life.

The victims at Penn State are not sentenced to long-term harm.  With family support, a strong commitment to their protection in the future, and mental health assistance when needed, these children have the capacity and promise of full recovery.

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Where in the WORLD is Kempe?

Where in the World is Kempe?So, why is the campaign named, Where in the WORLD is Kempe? 

The Kempe Center’s mission is to provide and improve direct and clinical services, improve clinical service delivery systems, and provide training and consultation programs to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect throughout Colorado, the nation and even the WORLD. 

During fiscal year (FY) 2011, Kempe provided direct services to children and/or trained professionals from 47 Colorado counties, 30 additional states, Washington, D.C. and four other countries including Canada, South Korea, Iceland and China. 

In all, during FY 2011 Kempe trained, educated and presented to 7,284 professionals.

Where in the WORLD is Kempe?

Steve Harrell, Kempe Foundation Vice President – Strategy and Corporate Advancement helps you identify the location of the first of many Kempe bus signs and billboards located throughout the Denver Metro Area this holiday season. Steve and this bus sign were photographed on Colfax Avenue traveling west in front of The Children’s Hospital Colorado and The University of Colorado near the Anschutz Medical Campus. How many Kempe bus signs and billboards can you locate?

It’s no surprise that The Kempe Center houses what is said by many to be the WORLD’S foremost team of experts on the issues of child abuse and neglect.  From our frontline Child Protection Team, to the Fostering Healthy Futures mentoring program, Kempe has pioneered programs designed to heal children and strengthen families as well as to train professionals WORLDWIDE.
Now it’s your turn to help discover, Where in the WORLD is Kempe? 
Dozens of bus signs and many billboards throughout the Denver metro area feature Kempe’s message of healing and hope this holiday season.  We invite you to have fun and join in the search to identify the location of as many bus signs and billboards as you can.  To enter, simply send an email to Include your name, telephone number and your list of as many of the bus sign and billboard locations as you can locate.  The prize winner is the person who most closely identifies by location the most correct locations. 
A second way to join in the fun!   When you locate a bus sign have your photo taken.  The most creative photograph that also clearly shows the Kempe signage will be selected and a prize awarded. 
The WORLD turns to Kempe for help, advice and strategies on how to prevent, treat and heal child abuse.  By supporting The Kempe Foundation, you ensure that the legacy of Dr. C. Henry Kempe continues to thrive.

When taking bus sign location photos please obey all traffic regulations.  Kempe accepts no responsibility for mishaps or harm that may result.

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