Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | November 14, 2011

Where in the WORLD is Kempe?

Where in the World is Kempe?So, why is the campaign named, Where in the WORLD is Kempe? 

The Kempe Center’s mission is to provide and improve direct and clinical services, improve clinical service delivery systems, and provide training and consultation programs to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect throughout Colorado, the nation and even the WORLD. 

During fiscal year (FY) 2011, Kempe provided direct services to children and/or trained professionals from 47 Colorado counties, 30 additional states, Washington, D.C. and four other countries including Canada, South Korea, Iceland and China. 

In all, during FY 2011 Kempe trained, educated and presented to 7,284 professionals.

Where in the WORLD is Kempe?

Steve Harrell, Kempe Foundation Vice President – Strategy and Corporate Advancement helps you identify the location of the first of many Kempe bus signs and billboards located throughout the Denver Metro Area this holiday season. Steve and this bus sign were photographed on Colfax Avenue traveling west in front of The Children’s Hospital Colorado and The University of Colorado near the Anschutz Medical Campus. How many Kempe bus signs and billboards can you locate?

It’s no surprise that The Kempe Center houses what is said by many to be the WORLD’S foremost team of experts on the issues of child abuse and neglect.  From our frontline Child Protection Team, to the Fostering Healthy Futures mentoring program, Kempe has pioneered programs designed to heal children and strengthen families as well as to train professionals WORLDWIDE.
Now it’s your turn to help discover, Where in the WORLD is Kempe? 
Dozens of bus signs and many billboards throughout the Denver metro area feature Kempe’s message of healing and hope this holiday season.  We invite you to have fun and join in the search to identify the location of as many bus signs and billboards as you can.  To enter, simply send an email to Include your name, telephone number and your list of as many of the bus sign and billboard locations as you can locate.  The prize winner is the person who most closely identifies by location the most correct locations. 
A second way to join in the fun!   When you locate a bus sign have your photo taken.  The most creative photograph that also clearly shows the Kempe signage will be selected and a prize awarded. 
The WORLD turns to Kempe for help, advice and strategies on how to prevent, treat and heal child abuse.  By supporting The Kempe Foundation, you ensure that the legacy of Dr. C. Henry Kempe continues to thrive.

When taking bus sign location photos please obey all traffic regulations.  Kempe accepts no responsibility for mishaps or harm that may result.

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