Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | June 23, 2011

E-mail addresses change; Hospital changes name

The Children’s Hospital officially changed its name to Children’s Hospital Colorado, which changed all e-mail addresses.  All e-mails changed to  The Kempe Foundation’s e-mails addresses remain the same.  Please update your address books accordingly.

About the Hospital’s Name Change

The Children’s Hospital is changing its name to Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado), effective immediately. Children’s Colorado proudly adds the geographic location of Colorado to distinguish itself clearly on a national level and to better reflect its regional network of care.

The new name also strengthens the hospital’s collaboration with the University of Colorado and its partners in the local community and across the region. This includes Children’s Colorado’s community of parents and community doctors and advocates.

The hospital changed the URL of its website to as part of the renaming, and signs on the exterior of the hospital have been updated. The well-known “Balloon Boy” will continue to be the hospital’s official logo, and now it will be accompanied by a new name, Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The hospital’s foundation also is updating its name to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Click here to read more about the name change.

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