Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | May 17, 2011

Bromwell Elementary School students raise over $500 for Kempe through Penny Harvest

Students at Bromwell Elementary School in Cherry Creek North raised over $500 for The Kempe Foundation through The Penny Harvest. The Penny Harvest started at the school in the fall, with children collecting spare coins they found lying around the car, sofa cushions, pants pockets, etc.  The student council met and decided to grant their money to three organizations, including The Kempe Foundation. 

Yesterday, The Kempe Foundation’s Steve Harrell attended an assembly at the school and told the students a little about how Kempe helps abused and neglected children.  We want to thank the students for making such generous donation!

The Penny Harvest, an educational program, grew from one child’s desire to feed the homeless, and from its inception, children ages 4-18 have been converting their natural compassion for others into action by collecting pennies and turning those pennies into grants for community organizations.  This year in Colorado alone, over 20,000 students from 49 local sites collected over $57,000 in pennies.

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