Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | November 3, 2010

Follow-up to WannaBees Quilt Story

This is a follow-up to last Friday’s blog about the WannaBees’ quilt created for the Therapeutic Preschool.

The quilt was made and presented to The Kempe Foundation by the WannaBee’s Quilting Bee.  Design started in October of 2009 by Barb Peneder and the quilt was completed by all members in September of 2010. 

The WannaBee’s Quilting Bee was started in 2002 and the current members reside in Denver, Littleton, Centennial, Tabernash and Pine, Colorado.  The members are listed below with the alphabet blocks they created listed behind their name.  The quilt was quilted by Bev Berry.  It was presented to The Kempe Foundation staff members on October 28 to hang outside the preschool.  This quilt was made by these members because of the love in their hearts for all children.  WannaBee Members: 

  • Bev Berry (D, G, K)
  • Gloria Bright (Y)
  • Becky Cookson (B, F, S)
  • Pam Kuhn (A, W, X)
  • Leah Lewelling (J, L, T)
  • Lynne McEachern (C, E, O)
  • Barb Peneder (H, U, Z)
  • Sharon Simmons (N, Q)
  • Lori Scott (R, V)
  • Bernadette Sullivan (I, M, P).

A is for Alligator, B is for Butterfly, C is for Cat, D is for Dolphins, E is for Elephant, F is for Flamingos, G is for Giraffes, H is for Hippo, I is for Iguana, J is for Jellyfish, K is for Koala, L is for Ladybug, M is for Monkey, N is for Narwhal, O is for Octopus, P is for Penguin, Q is for Quahog, R is for Raccoon, S is for Skunk,  T is for Turtle, U is for Urchin, V is for Vulture, W is for Whale, X is for X-ray fish, Y is for Yak, and Z is for Zebra.

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