Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | June 16, 2010

BabiesNow! Foundation collects thousands of diapers during drive

BabiesNow! Foundation generously hosted a diaper/wipes drive and collected over 2,500 diapers and 2,500 wipes!  Thank you for the donation to The Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect!

Special thank you to Judith Tartaglia, BabiesNow! Foundation Board Member, who hosted the drive at her home and Roberta Greengard, BabiesNow! Foundation’s President and Founder.

BabiesNow! Foundation’s mission:

BabiesNow! Foundation provides diapers and wipes to nonprofit organizations to help needy Denver area families raise healthy and happy babies. Babies who wear wet and messy diapers for too long are subject to diaper rash and fuss and cry more. BabiesNow! Foundation collaborates with non-profit organizations, hospitals, and governmental agencies that assist needy mothers/families and their babies. Diapers and wipes are also provided to nonprofit organizations on an emergency basis. It is challenging for families to keep their babies in clean diapers when they can barely pay for food, rent, and utilities!

The Greater Denver community will benefit as a whole when babies have a healthier and happier start in life.


  1. Thank you Kempe Foundation for all that you do. Diapers are not covered by food stamps. It is a challenge for needy parents to keep their babies in clean diapers, and diapers are severely rationed. A baby who wears a wet/messy diaper all day is more likely to suffer diaper rash, be very fussy, and be at greater risk for shaking by a frustrated parent or caregiver. BabiesNow! Foundation is proud to have Kempe Foundation as a beneficiary non-profit organization.

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