Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | April 9, 2010

Kempe up to $10K in Sneak pledges – more work to be done

Congratulations teams! We’ve officially hit the $10,000 mark!

With 16 days left, there is STILL work to be done.  Click here to get started.  To our existing pledge teamers, keep up the great work and ASK! ASK! ASK! If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to print out a fundraiser toolkit and refer to the “Pledge Tracking Form” on the back page.  Take the form and an envelope with you to church, synagogue, baseball games, lacrosse games, etc.  People enjoy giving back; do them a favor by letting them give to YOU!  

Here is your weekend update of our top 3 teams in the running for the Kempe Cup:

1st : Team “Listen to the Kids” @ $1,700.00
2nd: Team Mackiernan $1,225.00
3rd: Team Kruljac for the Kids $1,170.00

Our top 3 individual fundraisers are:

1st : James Kempe-Mehl @ $415.00
2nd : Amy Yurkovich @ $100.00
3rd: Beth Klein @ $100.00

The Kempe Cup will be awarded to this year’s fundraising team champion!  The fundraising team collecting the most pledges for The Kempe Foundation will be awarded the prestigious Kempe Cup, full of your beverage of choice!

All pledges must be in by 12:00 pm on April 25th in order to qualify.  Winners will be notified following the Sneak to schedule their exclusive Kempe Cup ceremony.  Visit to create your pledge team.

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