Posted by: kempefoundation | January 27, 2010

7Everyday Hero at Kempe!

Denver 7's Mitch Jelniker came to Kempe to recognize 7Everyday Hero Sister Michael.

By Katie Kosters

Terri James Banks, of Kempe’s Under Sixes Program (KUSP), and I were fortunate enough to attend the honorary “7Everyday Heroes” luncheon with Sister Michael Allegri, Kempe’s very own 7 Everyday Hero today, and feel it necessary to make a big deal since we know she won’t.

Sister Michael was first nominated to be a 7Everyday Hero after 10 years of volunteering as a foster parent to 46 abused/neglected children (from KUSP).  Due to the high volume of hero nominations, Denver 7 has a lengthy process of selecting the 52 most outstanding individuals to be featured once a week by Denver 7’s Mitch Jelniker on the Sunday 10pm news.  Recognition as a 7Everyday Hero is a highly distinguished award, and very much deserved by Sister Michael; she is a huge asset to Kempe and our community.

The story aired on April 12, 2009, here is a link to the article and video:

The Denver Channel 7Everyday Hero


  1. way to keep this updated… looking good!

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