Posted by: sanyaandersenvie | December 29, 2009

December 31: Last Chance to Earn 50% Tax Credit

Make your year-end gift to Kempe now to receive a Colorado Child Care Income Tax Credit.  The tax credit allows any state taxpayer a 50% state income tax credit for donations that promote child care.  Gifts to The Kempe Therapeutic Preschool are eligible for this credit.

You must donate to Kempe before December 31 to qualify for the tax credit.

Click Here to Donate

CCCC chart 1Please specify CCCC on your gift.  Simply write “Child Care” in the memo section of your check. If you use a credit card, just attach a note.

  • Your donation still qualifies as a charitable deduction on your Federal income tax
  • The minimum contribution amount is $500
  • The maximum allowable annual tax credit is $100,000
  • You can take advantage of the tax credits regardless of whether you itemize or not
  • Both individuals and corporate donors can benefit from this tax credit program

If you have any questions about year end giving please contact Angela DellaSalle at (303) 864-5312 or

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