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Get Your Blue On for Kempe Kids!

Get Your Blue On for Kempe Kids!

The goal of The “Get Your Blue On” campaign is to create awareness around the critical issue of child abuse and neglect and to educate on how to prevent it from occurring.

When a child has been abused or neglect, there is a lasting impact on the life of that child. Abuse and neglect are associated with short- and long-term consequences that may include developmental delays, learning disorders, problems forming relationships, aggressive behavior, and depression.

Furthermore, survivors of child abuse and neglect may be at greater risk for problems later in life—such as low academic achievement, drug use, teen pregnancy, and criminal behavior. These affect not only impact the life of the survivor, but also the life of those who surround them.

Despite knowing these consequences, child abuse and neglect are tough topics for people to talk about. We see stories in the news about children suffering unspeakable harm ant the hands of their abusers. And we often want to turn our heads, because we are not sure what we can do to help. And that is why Child Abuse Prevention month is such a critical month to drive awareness about the issue and to let people know that there are ways that they can help.

The Kempe Foundation is collaborating with businesses, government leaders and Colorado citizens to spread the message during the month of April. We are hoping that again in 2009, through this aggressive awareness campaign, we will effectively complement the efforts of all our partners.

We plan to once again saturate the market with a multi-media public service campaign on this important message and engage the community to show support for child abuse prevention. The end of the month will culminate with the annual Kempe Foundation Benefit Event entitled STAND UP! With Josh Blue and Kathleen Madigan – scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2009 at The Temple Buell Theatre at The Denver Center of Performing Arts.

For more information on the Get Your Blue On campaign for Kempe Kids, visit

Child Abuse Prevention Month in the News

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